Introduction to the Biblical Books

1. xU tpjitapd; tpthfk; (&j;jpd; rhpij) The Wedding of a Widow (The Book of Ruth)

2. tpRthrj;jpdhy; ePjpkhd; gpiog;ghd; (Nuhkh; epUgk;) The Just Shall Live by Faith (The Epistle to the Romans)

3. cz;ikf; fhjypd; cd;djf; fhtpak; (cd;djg;ghl;Lg; Gj;jfk;) A Poem About the True Love (Song of Solomon)

4. cyfKbtpd; cz;ikfs; (ntspg;gLj;jy; Gj;jfk;) True Facts about the End Time (The Book of Revelation)





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